aluminum rim and alloy wheel repair

The Industry Leader

Hubcap & Wheel offers precision aluminum alloy wheel repairs and alloy wheel straightening on wheels of up to 32" and high strength TiG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas welding) to repair cracks in alloy wheels of any size. We have offered precision wheel straightening and wheel repair since 1998. with one day turn around on most bent wheel repairs. We provide original wheel covers and refurbished factory wheels since 1994.

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The Repair Process

Our professional technicians use the latest technology to insure that your alloy wheel is returned to factory specs before it is shipped back out to you.. Our quality assurance standards have resulted in a return rate of less than 1% over thousands of alloy wheel repairs as they are designed to meet the stringent demands of auto repair services and the auto insurance industry.

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Repairable Damage

Pothole bends are the most common damage we find with aluminum alloy wheel repairs, and the most completely repairable. A basic crack usually less than 2" in length beginning at the edge of the flange and traveling towards the face can usually be repaired.. A crack, running around the inside of the barrel is generally longer and usually accompanied by a flange bend, can also usually be repaired.

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